1. Window Rescreen - this includes new fiberglass mesh material in black (standard) or grey color. It also includes new pull tabs and new spline (rubber that lines the screen). We will also straighten the frame if it is bowed or bent.
  2. Door Rescreen - includes re-screening doors with new fiberglass mesh material in black (standard) or grey color. We replace the spline as well. There are many other options for material including paw proof and aluminum screen material. We can also replace broken roller wheels or put in a new handle for the screen door.
  3. Window Screen Repair- includes replacing any broken or damaged pieces of window screen frame. We will match the color of frame and size. We will replace the spline, any broken corners, pull tabs, or springs/plungers.
  4. Custom Built Screens - Building new window screen frames. This includes new frame, fiberglass mesh material, spline, corners, pull tabs, springs/plungers. We can match frame color and size.
  5. Optional screen pick up or full service installation. The full service option includes screen removal, repair, and installation upon completioin. There is a reasonable service fee to cover the costs of travel and extra time.