Bug Out Screen Repair

  1. Window re-screen.
  2. Door re-screen.
  3. Brand new custom built window screens.
  4. Frame repair/replacement for damaged or broken screen frame.
Window re-screen, frame repair, and custom built replacement screens.

15+ years in the screening business. We specialize in fast turn around time, high quality product, and discount prices. Free Estimates over the phone, email, or in person.

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Drop off screens anytime that is convenient for you.

Or, we can swing by and pick them up. Bug Out Screen Repair is a full service screen repair shop for a number of cities in the Denver Metro Area including Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Sheridan, Morrison, Aurora, and Centennial.

Window rescreens and Door re-screens

Including new screen material, rubber spline that holds screen material in place, and new pull tabs that make installing and removing screens easy. We recommend replacing the screen with standard charcoal (black) or grey (light) fiberglass mesh material. Other material options include paw proof pet screen, aluminum metal screen, and many more. We will replace any broken corners, damaged or missing springs, and plungers.

Bug Out Screen Repair can custom build screens to replace missing window screens or hail damaged/worn out frames.

For custom built window screens we can match frame color, width, and size. Brand new window screens include new frame, corners, pull tabs, springs, spline, and screen material.

Another service we offer is replacing broken or damaged frame if a single side is broken.

Instead of building an entire new screen, we can save money by replacing single sides or multiple sides that do not function.

Again, we can match the frame color, size, and width.

Bug Out Screen Repair specializes in quick turn-around time and professional, quality window screen repair.

We will get the job done fast! If you need the screens repaired quickly and have tight deadlines for real estate closings, rental properties, construction projects, renovations, roofing projects, etc…we will take care of you and will meet these deadlines. Most screen repair companies take days to weeks to get the work finished. We do not. We guarantee the highest quality work in the industry. We have built hundreds of screens and re-screened and repaired thousands of window screens and door screens. We do not bend or bow the frame. The screen will be tight and flawless. Materials, pull tabs, corners, springs, and spline are all of the highest quality materials.

Drop screens off or we can pick them up?

We recommend that you drop the screens off at our business, a residential home located at 6559 S. Allison Court, Littleton CO 80123 where we will repair the screens and call after they are completed. This will save you some money and is recommended if you want the full discounted price of our screen repair service. Or… If you don't feel like removing the screens yourself, don't have a vehicle to transport the screens or doors, don’t feel comfortable removing the screens and/or installing them… we are happy to pick up the screens, remove the screens, fix them, and install them! There is a small service fee for gas and labor, but it is a reasonable charge.

Payment: Cash is King! For our full discounted prices cash is preferred. We have had some problems with fraudulent checks and credit cards. However, we also accept checks and can set up PayPal credit card payment as well.